Where to begin?

My name is Andrew, and I’m trying my trade as a track athlete. Although only 26 I have been running and competing for 16 years in total, 13 as a track athlete. My first 3 years were spent running through mud on early mornings in the winter in cross country. Even though this was enjoyable, I had this speed in me that was never put to use. I was able to do a good cross country season, and then go and win the 100m and 800m at the county championships. Following a few football injuries, I finished football and cross country, and turned myself to track, and within 2/3 months training I was on the start line at the English Schools Championships 400m final finishing 6th (I also had entry standard for the 100 and 200m). And ever since have been a track runner, more so an 800m runner these days.

I have tried to start a blog a number of times, but work and other lifestyle things keep getting in the way of updating, but this time I will keep this one going. Apart from my love for sport, athletics and running, one of the main reasons for wanting to stat a blog was to motivate myself to train harder and harder. After running 49.58 for 400 at 18, I attended Uni and let myself and my training go a bit which I always regret (I chose the wrong uni, wrong course and wrong training regime), I want to give my athletics one last go, training hard and seeing what times I can produce again, as well as being part of a strong British Athletics Team on the rise.


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