Why I love team atheltics

Yeovil Olympiads (my athletics club) held the final British Athletics League Division 3 match at the weekend. We went in to the final fixture knowing that only a win would give us a chance of promotion. Before the final match the league was as follows:

Swansea – 23

Bedford – 19

Yeovil – 15

Bournemouth 15

Trafford – 14

Southend – 13

Derby – 6

Mansfield – 3

We knew that to be promoted we had to finish at least 5 places clear of Bedford, a very big ask considering the size and history of the clubs. In the end top 3 finished:

Swansea – 30

Bedford – 24

Yeovil – 23


The whole team put in a monumental effort both on and off the track, shouting & supporting every team member that competed. And this is one of the reasons why I love team athletics. This club has been through some ups and downs, arguments and banter… what team doesn’t. But at the end of the day we all come together to compete for the team, and we have hell of a laugh doing it.

Having been part of the mens team for 12 seasons now, I’ve been there since the Southern Mens days and seen the club and team grow to reach the heights of the BAL, and can say this year has been one of my favourite seasons. This team knows how to compete, and it knows how to relax and joke. I am already looking forward to 2016.

One thing about being part of a team is that you respect decisions made about selection. Having been training for 800m all season, I have not been quick enough and missed out on the opportunity to race the 800m in the last match. I was gutted, but I haven’t proved myself, and I take that on the chin. But I did get chance to run the 400m and 4x400m relay with times of 51.49, and 50.29 relay split.

For my last main race of the season I am content with the times, but I know I can do better. Looking at the 400m I know I haven’t done any speed or lactate training towards it, no strength and conditioning work, or hills. So looking to next year, I will for once get a proper winter in with all elements of 400m/800m training and will look to run sub 50s in the 400m and 1.56 in the 800m again.

Two more 800m races to go this season and then rest

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