Time to call a close on the season

Since my last track race on the 8th August I had signed up to two more BMC races this coming week. But as the weeks have passed my legs are telling me more and more to close this season and rest. After 30+ races over 4 months I think I have finally hit my tiredness stage of the season.

My season has not gone as planned, but it has been better than my previous four. I have run my best times for a four or five years over the 400m and 800m, but I am still not happy. It was a trial year, new coach, new regime that was more towards 800m/1500m and I gave it a shot, but it wasn’t for me. It’s time to step back to 400m/800m, that’s more me, less mental strength and more lactic pain. Just how I like it.

It’s now time to take 2 weeks off. Which means 15-20 light miles per week with some light weights to tick over, then week commencing 7th it’s back in to the winter training HARD. Again this will be under a new coach… Last year I trained on my own, and it was pretty tough going, uninspiring and boring. This year I’ll be with a group all striving for the same goal, to get faster. So I am excited going forward and seeing how I will get on next year.

But for now it’s time to switch off, relax, and give the legs some time off.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 08.14.12

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