Winter training has began

I was due to start my winter training plan 2 weeks ago, but due to a family bereavement it took a slow start. In times like these I find running and training can go two ways, it can either take your mind off it all, or its just constantly on your mind and you find no motivation to keep going. I suffered the latter, on the 12th rep of 15x200m I just gave up. I just could not be arsed one bit. So I decided to delay my winter start by a week just to get myself together.

Last week I began my work towards a successful indoor and summer season 2016 (I’m hoping). With a new coach, and now a training group which is something I have lacked over the past few seasons I’m feeling reinvigorated and determined to get where I want to be. And when the coach says its possible for me to run 1:52 for 800m after watching me train for one week, things look promising.

Last weeks training went like this:

Mon: Non-training day

Tues: AM: Slow morning run (3 miles). I hate morning running. Lunch: Upper body weights. PM: 2x10x200m (90 sec between reps and 5mins between sets)

Wed: Lunch: 2 x tabata circuit. PM: 5 mile recovery run

Thurs: Lunch: Upper body weights. PM: 3x800m (7 min between each) followed by hurdle drills.

Fri: Easy 5 mile run

Sat: Steady 5 mile run

Sun: Easy 8 mile run

So last weeks training started well, I excelled on the track sessions, hate morning runs, have zero mobility and am trying to build up my upper body. With the new coach, he has picked up on a number of things in my technique. My arms are pretty much at 45 degrees rather than 90, so they are being of no assistance to my leg movement. My mobility is terrible therefore with improvements by doing hurdle drills I will be able to extend my stride further. My upper body isn’t as strong as it needs to be, which will stop me from tightening up when the reps get harder.

Right now training over the next couple of months is training hard to get fit to train even harder. It will consist of similar stuff to the above, plyometrics will come in on the Saturdays, leg weights on Fridays and a bit of speed work. Once I am fit, the hard lactate work for 400s and 800s come in towards the indoor season. Its an exciting time and I am looking forward to it. Look forward to writing my next training updates.

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