Winter Training update – not everything goes to plan for a runner

5 months since I’ve posted on here. Not great is it, especially when I’ve had lots to update everyone on.

My winter training plan hasn’t really gone to plan. Every year of running is the same, we have all these plans, I’ll do this, I’ll do that, this race and that race. But, as every runner knows, this doesn’t always happen. Mainly due to injuries. A previous coach always said ‘runners will always have more steps backward than steps forward’.

I had a nice indoor season planned in my head, and all was going well. After 6-8 weeks of training with my new coach, I ran an 85/86 over 800m in hideous weather in November. But I was battling with a foot injury, one which was in pain every day. I had physio treatment, acupuncture, and still tried to train lightly. It didn’t work and I ended up missing a large training period from mid November to early/mid Jan. Gutted and frustrating were a few feelings I had. But it’s something a runner has to deal with and look after. Out came the small massage balls, ice packs, balance cushions and strengthening work. I looked after it and treated it. It took some time but I got back.

Over this period of injury I missed a key training session…. hills. Hills is not something that I have done much of before (or ever but don’t tell my coaches that). Since I have got back training I have been doing a hills session every week. Something I’ll write more on in a future post. But I definitely feel the benefit.

Anyway, I have been back training for about 6 weeks, and I am ecstatic with how everything is going, I have managed to get back to fitness quite quickly. This past week in particular has been great. It has been one of those where everything has clicked. It started off with a track session Tuesday (500m, 300m, 300m and 3x150s. 10min rest after the 500, and both 300s). The aim of this session is to run the 500m just off 800m pace, so the initial aim was 74s, and then speed up the 300s i.e running faster on tired legs. I managed 70, 39 and 41, the fastest I have run on this session.

Then Thursday was my hill session, which went even better with my reps improving by over 5 seconds. With only 6 weeks until my first outdoor race of 2016, I am really excited for this year, even though my targets from my coach are quite ambitious in my eyes (1.52 for 800m and sub 50 400m).

I will continue to update on how my training is going and what my training weeks often look like building up to the track season.


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