2016 Athletics Season Review

Let’s try and kick start this blog again (like I always say), but I mainly want to start this for two reasons:

  • Next year will be 10 years since I ran my 400m PB of 49.58.
  • After ending the season on 50.7 off just running training, I have started weights again after 6 years without any and believe I can run sub 50 again.

So this is #ProjectSub50

The 2016 season could be described easily as ‘consistent’. Not consistently poor, not consistently good, just consistently average.

With a new coach I had new type of training, and was attempting a bit more mileage with the hope of achieving two goals:

  1. Run at least 1.56 over 800m
  2. Run at least 50 point over the 400m

Firstly looking at my winter training, as we hit November and about to start the hills I had a foot injury which made it painful to do any type of training. I didn’t run again until mid January! So that was the indoor season out the window and a big chunk of winter training missed.

Once I was back training I hadn’t lost too much fitness and was quickly back in to the swing of things, but a long way behind where I wanted to be.

In April I took to my first 400m of the season! A horrible windy day in Yate, and how poor was I? 54 seconds of poor running! Lets leave it as that.

After that I went on to run a couple of bad 800m races, and then 5 more races over 4 weeks. A total of 8 races over 7 weeks! Here are my times:

800m – 1:58.82

800m – 1:58.74

800m – 1:59.14

400m – 51.26

800m – 1:59.22

At this point I pretty much wanted to give up 800s, I was fit, training well but just couldn’t perform. 600m felt like the distance for me.

The rest of the season was pretty much the same with a 1:58.63, and another 1:59.06 and a few 51s and 52s over the 400m.

The season was going to come to an end early August after the last British League but I agreed to do one more competition for YOAC, and aren’t I glad I did. I had no 800 and did a sprints day of the 100, 400, 200 and both relays in that order. A seasons best in all and a 400 time of old, 50.7, I haven’t done a time like that since 2009 when I also ran my 800m PB. So I suppose that gave me some promising end to the season.

After that time it made me look at my next stint of winter training differently, is it time to go back to 400s? If I do I need to work on my speed so a 49 would be easier, combine that with my 800 (or 600 as it seems) strength then it could be possible. As part of my training I will also be getting back in to Olympic weight lifting, something I haven’t done since 2009/10. Surely that will give me some extra few tenths of a second, if not more and some speed.

So looking at next year I am calling it #ProjectSub50 and will try and blog more about it with updates of my new training elements and sessions. Then at the end of the season, which is a long way off, we can see if it had any benefit.

Goals for 2017:

  • Do an indoor season
  • Sub 23 200, not an event I am targeting but sub 23 will be good for my 400
  • Sub 50 400
  • Sub 1.56 800, last time I ran fast in the 400 it supplemented my 800
  • There will be some weight session goals too but they will come further in to winter
  • Regularly hit 30-35 miles a week

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